A little introduction...
Some say Wildcat Slim died a long time ago on another planet, others say he's never even been born. Truth is, they're both right. Wildcat Slim combines timeless rock n roll sounds with interdimensional grooves to create a unique, yet nostalgic-sounding, high-octane performance. Many of their original tunes can be heard on their 2016 self titled album. The four-piece outfit took some time away from Earth after the release of 'Wildcat Slim' to explore other worlds, and have returned to gear up for its next recording project. 
When on Earth, Wildcat Slim keeps its home in and around Boston, MA. the lineup of the band consists of rock solid and groovin-as-all-hell musicians  Josiah Koven-Matasy on bass, Savannah Marshall on drums, and Isaac Maupin and Matt Bailin on guitars. Everybody takes their turn singing and sometimes a few fun new instruments make their way out onstage.

The music of Wildcat Slim has an undeniable twang and charm. It fits somewhere in the broad tree of rock n roll.  One fan described their live Wildcat Slim experience as a 'shit-kickin good time', full of tight, energetic, soulful music. Every song that is written or performed by the band is brought to life by expert musicianship, driving instrumental solos, and an unwavering rhythm section foundation. Songs like 'Kickin It' and 'You Can Still Get High From A Roach' show off the band's funkiness and often light mentality, while other tunes like 'Agoraphobic Road Song' or 'PTW' paint a darker image of the universe we live in.

Wildcat Slim will be playing around the New England area during the summer of 2019. Listen out for bits and clips of new material to be released occasionally.